Off The Wall Squash Partners with SportMind

to Revolutionise Squash Coaching and Player Development

Off The Wall Squash, a provider of Squash training and development, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with SportMind, an innovative sports psychology and performance analysis company.

This collaboration aims to enhance the training experience and performance outcomes for squash players, of all levels, by integrating advanced psychological and analytical techniques into traditional coaching methods.

Enhancing Mental and Physical Performance

In today’s competitive sports environment, mental resilience and strategic thinking are as crucial as physical prowess. SportMind specialises in psychological insights and analysis to help athletes achieve their peak potential.

By partnering with SportMind, Off The Wall Squash will offer players an holistic approach to training, that addresses the mental aspects of the game.

A New Era of Squash Training

“Partnering with SportMind is a significant milestone for Off The Wall Squash,” said Lauren Selby, Director of Coaching, at Off The Wall Squash.

“Our mission has always been to provide comprehensive training that not only improves skills but also builds character and mental toughness. With SportMind’s expertise, we can now offer our players unparalleled support in their journey to become top level athletes.”


Thoughts of Jesse Engelbrecht of SportMind

“Working on the mental game is a fundamental part of an overall players development. This applies both for their on and off-court lives.

I’m thrilled that the team of OTW see the holistic benefits of the mind and I’m honoured to be able to provide mental training tools for the players via a digital platform with the SportMind app, as well as individual 1:1 online sessions.

This partnership is testament to the forward thinking approach and long term success OTW embodies and I cannot wait to begin this journey together to help squash players mental health and flexibility”

Starting in early August, SportMind will be running its first highly anticipated Accelerator program. This online 6-week course will fast track the tools and methods to work on the mental game. The Accelerator will be packed with science-backed techniques and practical tips to apply right away to help manage stress, pressure, anxiety and set solid foundational habits for mental training. To find out more details CLICK HERE and join this unique, one of a kind program today.

For further information please contact:

Paul Selby – Off The Wall Squash CIC

Jesse Engelbrecht – SportMind