Junior Development

At Off The Wall Squash, we are constantly looking to find new ways to develop our beautiful game, and in order to do this we have to start from the grassroots up.

Putting time and energy into our juniors is the only way to develop talent for the future and to keep turning out world class athletes, but most importantly to get more children playing and having fun through squash.

This page is intended to present some of the initiatives our team is working on for juniors in both Essex and beyond. We also sometimes team up with other like minded people and organisations to really get programmes and initiatives moving. We believe in action, not just talking about things!

Squash SKOOL

The SQUASH SKOOL Primary School Programme teaches important coordination and team work skills whilst providing a seamless link into regular extra curricular activity via a clear and structured process.

Over the 6 weeks, children will learn basic hand-eye co-ordination skills, spatial awareness, racket skills, movement, balance, match play and refereeing. The programme is designed to deliver 5 weeks in the school hall, with the final week inviting the children to visit the local squash courts.

If you are a coach or school interested in the programme, please get in touch with us, we’d be delighted to discuss how we can assist getting squash into your local school.

Junior Progress Awards

A programme designed with six skill-based awards for young players to help with their development whilst providing you, the coach or teacher with a package that can add value to your junior squash sessions by providing additional activities for you to deliver.

Click the image to find out more about the awards. Certificates, wristbands and coaches packs can also be purchased from our STORE.

Mini Progress Awards

Following the success of the OTWS Junior Progress Awards, we have developed the Mini Progress Awards which are aimed at preschool children ages 2-5. These awards are designed to add value to your existing junior squash activities by providing 3 levels of progress levels for your youngest people to work towards. When players are successful, they receive recognition for their development & progress through OTWS certificates & balloons.

These are still undergoing testing and as soon as they are completed, details for downloads will be posted and resources added to the STORE