Junior Progress Awards

Off The Wall Squash are delighted to be able to provide you with our Junior Progress Awards

The OTWS Junior Progress Awards are six skill-based awards for young players to help with their development whilst providing you, the coach or teacher with a package that can add value to your junior squash sessions by providing additional activities for you to deliver.

The OTWS Progress Awards have been developed by our coaching and development team to provide a logical step by step package that will help your young players learn, practice and be consistent in a range of on court activities. We believe these awards should be a regular part of a successful junior section and offer excellent links from school-based activity into squash club activity. Levels 1 and 2 can be delivered in both schools and squash clubs, providing a seamless link for those offering school-club link activity.

Once your students have undertaken an award there are certificates and silicone wristbands for successful students. These can be obtained from OTWS for a small fee.

This downloadable resource provides all the information you need to deliver the OTWS Progress Awards, with clear and easy to follow skills and guidance notes.

England Squash announces renewed partnership with Off the Wall Squash

England Squash has announced the renewal of a 3 year partnership with Off The Wall Squash that will see our two organisations working collaboratively to grow junior squash in England.

The renewed partnership will see England Squash drive awareness of our innovative coaching programme to all England Squash coach members.

Mark Williams, Director of Sport at England Squash said: “We are delighted to be working with Off the Wall Squash to promote their Junior Progress Awards and help get more young people playing squash and improving their game.

“The Junior Progress Awards are a great way for coaches, clubs and young players to track improvements and highlight individual areas of strength. Kids will love collecting the certificates and wrist bands too.”

Karen Selby, Company Secretary at Off the Wall Squash said: “The Junior Progress Awards have been a resounding success since we launched them in 2015 so the team at Off the Wall Squash is delighted that England Squash is reaffirming their endorsement.

“We are incredibly proud of the programme, and knowing that the resources have been used by coaches throughout the UK, as well as abroad, is incredibly pleasing.

“We share the same goals as England Squash in trying to help more young players develop their squash and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

The Professional Squash Association Foundation (PSA Foundation) have also agreed a partnership with us that will see the our two organisations working in unison towards promoting and growing junior squash around the world. 

PSA Foundation Manager Adriana Olaya said: “The Junior Progress Awards are a fantastic tool for coaches and junior players. It’s a great way to introduce the game to young players and allow them to measure their level with players who are using the same program all over the world. We want this tool to reach every country so players all around the world can reap the benefits of it. We fully support the project and can only see positive things emerging from it.”

The full set of information is available to download, all you have to do is fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to send you over the password to download the resource pack directly from our website. You can also use this contact form for general enquiries about the Junior Progress Awards.

As a community interest company our aim is to provide an increase in participation and develop physical activity, predominantly through squash and therefore we have decided to provide this information to you for free! All of the resources for you to deliver the awards can be downloaded for free online so you can print out yourself, but we have also developed some resources that can be bought from our online shop.


What is in the Download?

  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Intro Letter – What’s it all about? 
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Poster – For clubs and schools to promote the awards and add session details to the post-it note for advertising.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Main Doc – Main document with the 6 levels for coach/teacher delivery.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Test Sheet – For on court player testing. After receiving feedback from people using the awards, we do now have testing pads which combines the delivery notes and testing on one sheet. These can be purchased from the STORE.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Progress Chart – To track player progress.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Certificate & Wristbands Presentation – Showing Teachers/Coaches/Parents what they can present to successful players.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Parent Handout For coaches to issue to parents with information on what the JPAs are all about.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards – Completed Level Tear Off SheetsTear off slips for coaches to give to parents after successful completion of a level.
  • OTWS Junior Progress Awards  – Order Form A4 order form for you to fill out and email the office with bulk orders of certificates and wristbands, but you can also buy online from the STORE.

Enjoy the Progress Awards!

The Off The Wall Squash Team

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