Off The Wall Squash have extensive experience in delivering successful squash and sport related projects, advice and delivery plans.


Our experienced team can provide your organisation with a number of benefits that include:

  • Audits of your facility, club or structure with recommendations for developing a stronger business or membership. We have a particular expertise in the area of increasing participation.
  • We can create affordable and workable delivery plans for you, reflective of your target demographics (age groups, backgrounds etc), utilising current knowledge of sports insight to benefit the delivery of activity.
  • Our team has extensive experience of project management for sport based programmes to ensure sound principles are adopted for each project.
  • Experience of managing and delivering high quality sporting activity and events.
  • Extensive mentoring experience to help develop and grow your workforce.
  • We can help you to secure club grants.
  • We can support you by guiding you through any club or organisation plans, particularly where this is linked to participation and membership increases.

case studies

Norges Squashforbund

September 2016 – December 2019 | Client: Norges Squashforbund

We have completed a three-year contract with the Norwegian Squash Federation (NSqF) to deliver club development and coach education activity. The contract delivered to target with 50+ new coaches trained, 50% of clubs visited and an extensive programme of on court activity to help improve the standard and quality of club squash.

We also supported NSqF to secure 1,000,000NOK (£100,000) for a junior development programme that helped to increase the number of junior players across Norway.

The Colchester Garrison Academy

September 2014 – Present

We set up and manage the Off The Wall Squash Academy at the Colchester Garrison. We have managed the Academy since September 2014 and as of January 2018 there are in excess of 90 members and 4 coaches delivering activity 6 days out of 7. This model we established from a zero activity starting point and is targeted to have over 100 members by the start of the new season in September 2018.

The Roman Cup

September 2014 – Present

Introducing squash to local schools around Colchester. The ultimate aim of the project was to encourage more young people into squash and provide knowledge and access for pupils and teachers to a sport they may not have considered before. The Off The Wall Squash Academy have built a lasting relationship with local primary schools to achieve this aim.

Many players are now in the main Essex County Squads or Essex Development Squads. 4 players now England ranked & have been invited to Regional training squads. Over a hundred school children are now playing squash regularly at local clubs & a number are entering competitive tournaments.


As a Community Interest Company our fees are used to cover the costs of the team members who are used to deliver contracts. We don’t employ any members of staff in order to keep our overheads to a minimum.

Fees are bespoke to each project, however, we understand that guidelines can be helpful before you choose to contact us, therefore we have set out some guideline fees below. Please note, we quote per contract and take into consideration the unique circumstances of each project. We would rather work with you and develop an on-going relationship than present a large fee that’s considered out of your reach.

Where the market permits, we will charge normal daily fees as we believe our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver you the outcomes you want.

Guideline Fees

Service TypeAverage Cost
Club Audit and basic development plan£300
Project management for grant funded project£200-£400 per day
Mentoring of workforce (new coaches)£500 for 4 months
Delivering events£200 – £300 per day / per person
Implementing medium/long term projects (6month+) £10,000+
Setting up a social media / website platform for your organisation£300-£1000
Increasing PR awareness for your organisation£150-£2500+
Managing an exhibition match (including player fees)£1,000- £3000+